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Nami Organic

It is a PROBIOTIC product (from ancient Greek, it literally means  “for life”) whose formula is based on the combined action of 4 strains of useful microorganisms, molasses and water. It performs various functions: it cleans and regenerates environments, improves the space where animals live by removing odors, enhances the soil where plants grow, just to name a few. It is therefore a product that alone is sufficient to perform multiple functions. It is environmentally friendly because both bottles and cans are reused, creating less waste.

NAMI is a compound of microorganisms that work tirelessly to regenerate and stimulate life by breaking down what is no longer useful in its current form, and bringing it back to its original elements. The continuous regenerative action of these tiny organisms makes it possible to have cleaner and healthier environments every day.

In the past, aerobic bacteria were considered “good” (they live only in the presence of oxygen) and anaerobes were “bad” (on the contrary, the presence of oxygen inhibits their growth). Today it is confirmed that anaerobic bacteria, like lactobacilli present in the intestine, zymogens (responsible for fermentation and producers of enzymes), sulfur reducers and sulphate reducers and the green-blue bacteria of photosynthesis, are very important active microorganisms cultures. In fact, they thrive by feeding on dust, pathogens and everything that normally gives off a bad smell.

In the Nami mixture, the bacteria of photosynthesis coexist with those of fermentation and activate other microorganisms with their production of oxygen. In this way the degenerative processes are transformed into regenerative processes.

With NAMI we guarantee you an economic, time and space saving by using a single product instead of many. In fact, you can use it to clean your kitchen, floors, carpets, fabrics, tiles etc.. But you can also shiny your animal’s hair, help the plants in your vegetable garden to grow, etc..