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About Us

We are between Langhe and Monferrato that are an Unesco World Heritage Site. We have created this company thanks to more than 30 years of experience in production and design of furnishings. Progetti Abitativi LAB, that means Housing Project LAB, is innovative and modern to meet the needs of the customer.

It is certainly a furniture shop, but not only.

In our well-finished showroom you can find an area specifically designed to show different materials and the workforce who looks after the design of the house at all levels. Our Staff is made up of experts with decade-long experience in modern and classic furniture. It is ready to propose the most renowned branded furniture and to deal with planning in detail with cutting-edge technological equipment. We dedicate ourselves with attention to interior design, with particular focus on country and mountain houses. In addition, we deal with exterior design, wellness area and home automation.


The basic idea that motivated our company is the creation of a professional figure who coordinates the design of your house. During the renovation of a house it is common to encounter a frustrating disorganisation between typical delays and arguments. Progetti Abitativi LAB has the aim of eliminating the inconveniences. In addition, our customer doesn’t have to bounce from a shop to another, but in the same showroom you can find the most qualified workforce and a wide variety of materials, accurately selected by our Staff.

We work in the planning seeking the best suited furniture to the customer and a home furnishings contextualised in the location. Another feature of our company: our Staff is ready to listen to the needs of the customer and try to figure out which life style could be the most congenial for him. We are equipped to work remotely: we could show you the progress of work and listen to your advices and adjustments in real time through Internet platforms like Skype. We also work with more than one language.